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Video Chat for every website

Best Chat for website: Install Tiviclick Video Chat software on your website and speak live with your visitors. It is just a copy/paste of 2 code lines.


Enhance your Business performance

Accelerate sales and upgrade services. Increase customers’ loyalty and encourage return customers. Tiviclick is a Customer Relations Management tool.


Enrich your visitors’ experience

Tiviclick video chat plug-in gives your website the human touch. Speak face to face, see profusely smiling customers and increase sales.

Why You Will Love Tiviclick?

Live Video communication increase customers’ loyalty and encourage return customers. When your user clicks, he’s ready to talk – and ready to buy.


How do you know?
With face to face video chat you see your customer’s eyes and body language. This is your personal contact advantage which leads to increased sales and close deals.


Freelancers and service providers, you will enjoy providing remote consulting and support to your customers by Video Chat. Tiviclick is live chat customer service software.


Why Video Chat?

Customers want to be seen and to be heard

Live Video conversation is incomparable platform for communication with new and existing customers. Being exposed to so many ad messages a day customers no longer wish to play as audience only.

The more we rely on digital communication – the weaker the genuine human connection becomes.

Using Live Video Chat enables you – The business person – to connect face-to-face, building trust, loyalty, and stronger relationships with your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

Your customer’s eyes and body language provides an obvious advantage that leads to more sales, loyalty, and return customers.

In our highly competitive global market where options are unlimited and performance is measured by
the power and strength of relationships, the “human touch” is essential to achieving success.

E-Commerce, Social networks, professional directories and dating sites will achieve high benefits using video meetings as it is designed to closely simulate a real face-to-face meeting and get results! To know more about live chat software Contact Us.

Tiviclick is a Real Live Chat software
Video communication transforms your website
into the active front desk of your business!

To avail live chat software you can register at Tiviclick Account or contact our expert team to get more information.

Free Online Video Chat Software

What makes us different?

We know how to do some things differently.

See what’s under the hood:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Unlimited agents
  • Availability control
  • Multiple languages
  • Email messages
  • Invite any person
  • Full support with Tiviclick

Fully web service

Tiviclick is a plug-in for your website.There is no need for software downloads, owned servers or visitors’ registration.

Configured to your needs

Select your language, colors, chat widget title and position on page. You can add a display message if no agent is available.


A full set of reports that includes a detailed chat history by Agent (plus chat requests with no answer) for better quality control.

The Technology

For video and voice streaming, Tiviclick uses WebRTC – Real Time Communication. Text chat is developed in PHP.

Multiple agents

Add agents to your account and select to display or hide your Agents list, so that a call will catch the first available agent.

Tiviclick Goes Social

Tiviclick provides an advanced and unique API for organizations, social networks, professional directories and dating websites.

Fast and easy installation

It will take just 1 minute to start a new account, and only 10 minutes to copy and paste the code lines at your website.

Invite any person

A registered agent accepts chat requests from visitors, and can also invite any person to video chat by email via a link.

Mobile Applications

You and your agents can accept chat requests and respond any time, any place through the agents’ mobile application.

Who can Benefit from Tiviclick?

Talk live and face to face with visitors while searching on product pages, and convert each visit into a real deal.
Enhance your customers’ service to such a level that you can see your customers smiling and happy.
Doctors, lawyers, consultants, psychologists, therapists and agents can provide remote services with Tiviclick.
Social organizations, social networks and dating sites can bring your users a great experience with enthusiasm.
Give visitors who search your directory direct face to face access to your registered users when they are available.
HR Recruiters – Remote video chat interviews save a lot of time and optimize the selection of best candidates.Individual Tiviclick page enables you to invite any other person to a video meeting.

Live Chat Software

I am Dr. Erin Patel
I am a medical doctor

Tiviclick allows me to interact with patients in Real time, to suggest healthcare advice and to carry out diagnostic procedures.

Free Live Chat for Website 

I am Iain Middleton
I am a real estate agent

When I use Tiviclick, I can show properties to clients no matter where they live and can help people make international and long distance moves.

Customer Service Live Chat

I am Abigail Williams
I am a sales agent

I close six times more deals than agents who still use telephone or text chat to communicate with clients.